Let’s Talk About Revenue – Resilience! And Positive Impact!

We are all trying to make it right?


Sometimes we get stuck and things happen that throw a curve ball, these things can stop us in our tracks not to mention covid – but in a strange way the last 2 years have opened up a huge platform and audiences to us to be able to run a business differently and more importantly make it success online, whilst we enjoy a better work/life balance.


We have a captive audience so to speak, we just need to deliver products that people want, by building your know, like, and trust factors through positive influence and support. Encouraging your audience to participate and empower them to the possibility of you and your products or service.

Over the last 2 years, many people have started a business from a hobby – lots of baking and banana bread – subscription boxes for crafts, then there are the likes of Joe Wicks! So you see anything is possible when we engage our imagination.


Being resilient – doesn’t mean – just keeping going, getting up – working – eating – sleeping – repeating.


It means finding a way to increase your potential and resources, using free resources like these to name just a few:

great for marketing, producing images, webinars, e-books, information slides and so much more
For keeping your ideas on track and supporting teams with tasks
For your email – this application gives you access to google meet – which is similar to teams – documents – slides and sheets where you can track finances, databases, and sales
For fantastic images with no copyright issues
For a vision board keeping your ideas together
where you can schedule appointments, link to Instagram, and much more by using the Meta Suite
For supporting your clients and leads
For video chats – calls and conferencing
For scheduling appointments
For email scheduling – lead pages, newsletters, digital products, signup forms

There are so many FREE services out there that you can take advantage of to support your journey.


Now you have some tools to help you, now you can consider adding things to your portfolio that you can sell easily, to get you started or to increase your revenue and build your database.


A great thing to start with is an e-book, this can be used as a lead generator to get people to subscribe to your mailing list or to get into your group, from there you can nurture their journey with you and your business. (more on this in our next blog)



Let Me Help You With An Example

What skills do you have and how can you turn this into an income? Or add extra to your business right now!


How we can shout about what you do and offer, and yet still be authentic to your roots and help others from a place of love and support.


You could look at your life skills – parenting – crafts – hobbies and develop from that a how-to guide to sell to your audience.


Take your work or business skills and do the same. The opportunities are huge!


Social media – love it or hate it is a powerful tool to get your skills and services out to a huge array of people also looking for similar things – help, empowerment, education, and motivation!

Let's Take This As A Scenario

Mary – is a florist and business is slow – the high street is quiet, shops have closed nearby since COVID and footfall isn’t as high, and people aren’t spending as much.


She wants to add another revenue stream and is unsure where to start.


She has run floristry classes in the past and feels her clients have enjoyed them, she had great feedback.

Mary wrote a how-to guide on how to make a door wreath for all occasions and added photos to show how.

She started the price at £7 for a PDF, a digital book one made had no extra cost (using Canva) – which could be sent via message or email to her customer.


This was a step-by-step guide with photos to help with a technical bit and to show the steps.


The customers then wanted to buy the products to make the wreath, so MARY added a package;


The base wreath, ribbon, the moss, the flowers, the twine, the adornments.


These were either available for collection or posted out with a postage charge, or for delivery within a given mile radius of the shop for an additional small fee.


Mary added the links to her products on all her communications, Facebook, and website and her sales continue to grow. She now has a membership where her clients get new e-books, tutorials, and products every month.


This particular scenario gives and physical product as well as a digital one, but I’m sure you can see how this will add these additional revenue streams to the business.


You could just expand the sales by adding more digital products or virtual services.


I hope this gives you some ideas on how you can build your business resilience, add to your services and structure your business for success.


Next time I will cover how to make these processes automatic, so you can reduce the worry and stress and help your business grow more effectively without being stuck to your phone and laptop for hours and hours every day!


Thank you for reading… I hope this has given you some ideas! Let us know!


Much Love and Inspiration


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