Andrea Mellon

Business and Marketing Strategist

We are so excited to welcome Andrea onboard, Andrea will be working alongside myself with business, marketing and project management of the brand and to help with product and service development

Let’s hear from Andrea……

Hi,  I’m Andrea, My back story… (well just a bit of it, you’d be here all day)

Spinal surgery at 16 put paid to my adventure as an aspiring PE Teacher – but at least I could walk again.


I Fell into my first job as a Travel Agent way back in 1982 – I was lucky and travelled the globe.


I opened my first restaurant in 2003 following redundancy from over 20 years as a Travel Professional and Trainer. I went on to open more, with bars and a deli, taking the hospitality industry by storm, in a niche that many have tried to copy. Highly recommended by tourist boards, industry awards, and a few celebrities’ even appearing on stage with Gino d’a Campo, Jean Christophe Novelli, and more.
It was one hell of a ride! worth every cut, burn, and sleepless night, I found myself fighting for everything, my products, my style, my sanity, and then for others in this industry, this male-dominated arena became my passion.


Developing my own teams, operational systems, and products with little support led me to want more, to see more women be empowered in their chosen business field, and to lead from the front without fear!


I wanted people to create their businesses in their own way and put a stopper on stress.


That drive and determination to help others led me into the world of coaching, to be able to help ladies today is my passion, creating simple systems and strategies helps them be more successful and get their life and confidence back.


If I can do it – you can TOO!


With much love and inspiration…
Andrea & Pants

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