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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn* or Twitter* Audit
Choose from either your Profile, Pages or Groups
Personal Results Video

What is an Audit?
A Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn* or Twitter* Audit is where Pink Fizz Social will perform an intense review of your chosen platform, looking at how you are are currently using it, your bio, profile and cover images and the content you are posting

What will Pink Fizz Social audit?

  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile*
  • Twitter Profile*

What Does It Give You/Why Have an Audit?
This will allow you to increase your own knowledge, to understand how Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn work and how to use the selected platform to its full potential, all this is to help with your visibility, engagement, growth and sales

What Does Pink Fizz Social Give You?
Pink Fizz Social will send a link to download your results video which will include

  • At least 5 areas of improvement
  • Ideas and Suggestions to take your business to the next level

When Will Your Review Take Place?

Your review will take place within 5 working days from purchase


* LinkedIn/Twitter Audits will be performed by Andrea Mellon

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